Amazon buys podcast platform Wondery


Amazon has reached an agreement to buy one of the US’s dwindling independent podcast platforms. The company announced it has acquired Wondery, the producer of content such as Blood Ties and Dying for Sex.

Amazon has not disclosed the money it will pay for Wondery. However, The Wall Street Journal’s report contains information that the requested sales price is around $ 300 million. If this information is correct, it exceeds the money Spotify paid for Amazon Wondery to buy Gimlet Media in 2019.

It can be said that with Wondery, Amazon aims to achieve a similar success to Spotify in the podcast market. Podcasts and original content offer platforms such as Spotify and Amazon Music to generate revenue without paying license fees.

The statement made by Amazon on the subject includes the following statements: “It is possible to find podcasts on Amazon Music since September 2020. Together with Wondery, we aim to accelerate the growth and evolution of podcasts. At a time when listener habits go beyond music, this acquisition is critical to expanding Amazon Music’s catalog. ”

While Amazon did not provide information about when the deal process will be completed, he underlined that this will not change anything for Wondery-made podcasts. After the sales process is completed, the content produced by Wondery can be listened to on other platforms. With the resources provided by Amazon, it can be safely said that Wondery’s podcast catalog will become much more powerful.


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