Amazon Builds Its Own Lab To Test COVID-19 For Its Employees


Amazon started to set up its own laboratory to test its employees due to the lack of test kits that diagnosed COVID-19. Amazon, with COVID-19 in warehouse workers, is being protested on the grounds that it has not taken adequate security measures.

Amazon, one of the most prominent companies in the new deadly coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), made an important announcement at a time when its workers increased their protests due to security concerns. The company has announced to its employees that it has built its own testing laboratory to perform the COVID-19 test.

In a statement from Amazon’s blog, it was emphasized that scientists, program managers, purchasing specialists and software engineers came together and started working for this laboratory. Noting that they have begun to assemble the necessary equipment for the construction of the laboratory, Amazon recently hoped to begin testing a small portion of its frontline employees.

There is a reaction to the Amazon administration
Amazon explained that it took this step because of the lack of testing and the knowledge that people who do not have symptoms can spread the virus. Amazon said that they are not sure how far they can go in that time frame, but it is still worth trying, arguing that people who do not have symptoms will also make a big difference if they are tested.

Amazon stated that cases with positive test results will be quarantined, and negatives may be reintroduced into the economy with confidence.

It is known that there are COVID-19 incidents in Amazon’s warehouses and employees are starting to protest the company on the grounds that they have not taken adequate measures. At the end of March, warehouse workers in New York left work to protest Amazon. The workers also state that the company, which they accused of not taking adequate security measures, did not provide the necessary information about how many workers got caught in COVID-19.

Amazon, who started to measure fire and distribute masks to his workers due to the protests, fired a protesting worker on the grounds that he “violated social distance measures”.


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