Amazon Bans Pegasus Spyware Company From Its Servers


Amazon: Attacks on the phones of human rights activists and journalists via the Pegasus spyware led Amazon to ban the NSO Group, developer of the solution, from its servers. The movement took place one day after the airing of a report on the subject.

According to an investigation by Amnesty International, a non-governmental organization with more than 7 million members worldwide, services from the retail giant, such as AWS and Amazon CloudFront, allowed the circulation of intercepted data and also protected unauthorized actions. with its layers of security.

“When we learned of these activities, we moved quickly to terminate access to the relevant infrastructure and accounts [related to the NSO Group],” a company spokesperson confirmed to The Verge. Other industry players, including DigitalOcean and Linode, provide assistance to the defendant.

Security for whom?

Pegasus, according to the NSO Group, is a tool aimed at surveillance of terrorists and cybercriminals. However, the denunciation published by The Washington Post revealed that governments across the globe use it against political figures, dissidents and journalists.

By deploying it to target equipment through a series of malicious subdomains and exploiting security weaknesses in services like iMessage, attackers are able to both collect data and activate cameras or microphones.

Among the victims of at least 37 successful raids or raids were members of The New York Times, the Associated Press and two women close to Jamal Khashoggi. The Saudi journalist was murdered in 2018 by, according to a US intelligence report, agents of Mohammad bin Salman, crown prince of Saudi Arabia, who allegedly used the Pegasus.

The NSO Group condemns the allegations, saying they are claims fraught with erroneous assumptions and unsubstantiated theories.


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