Amazon Banned the Sale of N95 and Surgical Masks to the Public


According to the announcement by Amazon, the sale of N95 and surgical masks to the public is banned. Amazon will sell masks only to hospitals and government agencies. Among the products that Amazon has forbidden to sell to the public are surgical gowns and surgical gloves.

As of April 1, the sale of N95 and surgical masks to the public was banned, according to a statement by Amazon. Amazon has announced that it will only sell a number of medical devices, along with masks, to hospitals and government agencies. Other supplies include face protections, surgical gowns, surgical gloves, and high volume disinfectants.

Hospitals and government agencies wishing to purchase these products through Amazon will have to fill in a form to qualify for shopping. Amazon also said that it would normally not receive the commission it receives from sellers for these products, but to encourage sales partners to add them to their stock for sale to those who need it most at a competitive price.

Amazon gained great importance in the supply of essential products
With the last move, a new one has been added to the business practices Amazon has changed during the coronavirus outbreak. Amazon has gained vital importance in meeting the basic needs of customers who stay at home and shop online, fearing an outbreak. Starting to experience a product shortage in the USA and Europe in the middle of March, Amazon made important changes in terms of which products it would store and ship in its warehouses and stated that it did this to keep the basic products in stock and speed up the orders.

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Amazon has announced that storage units will be temporarily prioritized for essential household items, medical supplies, and other highly demanded products. ‘Prioritizing’ these products means that non-essential, arbitrary products will not be shipped to storage centers at least until April 5th. Amazon will continue selling these arbitrary products as long as they are in storage centers. If these products are not available in Amazon’s own warehouses, vendors will have to ship them themselves. Many third-party vendors, however, argue that on Amazon’s forums this decision will mean that they are sinking and people are unemployed.

The categories of basic products that Amazon continues to buy from third party vendors are: baby products, health and household products, beauty and personal care, market, industrial and scientific products, pet supplies. Amazon has announced it will hire 100,000 storage center workers to meet its increased online ordering.


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