Amazon Appstore Announces Cut In The Fee Charged For Small Brands


Amazon announced on Tuesday (15) a new acceleration program for small software developers. Called the Amazon Appstore Small Business Accelerator Program, the framework will help smaller businesses earn more revenue and have less operating expenses.

Among the program’s offerings is a change to the rules of the Appstore, Amazon’s own app store. From now on, companies with revenue of less than $1 million a year will have the mandatory fee for each internal transaction reduced from 30% to 20%.

This is a move that follows market trends, with Apple and Google also announcing similar reductions — both not just for the collaborative factor, but for legal pressure.

Help in the cloud

In addition, these brands will still have promotional credits on Amazon Web Services for up to 10% of revenue to use on the company’s cloud computing platform. As the expenses with storage processes and servers are heavy, this can be an even bigger differential than the 10% less in the store.

Measures on the Amazon Appstore take effect from the last quarter of 2021.