Amazon apologizes and admits drivers urinate in bottles


Amazon acknowledged on Friday (2) for the first time that the reports of some drivers who work for the company are true and that, in some cases, they need to urinate in bottles during office hours.

The complaints are already relatively old, but they were intensified after criticism by American Democratic Congressman Mark Pocan, who criticized the company for trying to sabotage the unionization of employees, offer low salaries and “make employees urinate in water bottles” .

On Twitter, the official Amazon News account initially responded aggressively to the politician.

“You really don’t believe that urinating in bottles is true, right? If that were true, no one would work for us. The truth is that we have almost a million amazing employees around the world who are proud of what they do, and we have great wages and health plans from the first day “, stated the company.

Coming back

However, she soon posted the apology on the website – addressed only to the congressman for the reply, not to the collaborators. “That was a goal against, we are dissatisfied about it and we owe apologies to representative Pocan”, says the text, which even blames the publication of the tweet for not having undergone a thorough evaluation.

According to Amazon, drivers are sometimes forced to urinate in bottles due to very specific conditions, such as rural routes, traffic or closed public restrooms during the covid-19 pandemic. She also said that this is a problem that has endured and faced by the entire industry, but that it still does not have a solution.

Long list

Amazon has faced complaints for years from reports and reports by employees themselves about poor working conditions in warehouses or involving drivers who deliver.

The reasons involve little rest time and even performance monitoring through artificial intelligence. More recently, the company has also been criticized for making it difficult to form a union.


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