Amazon and AT&T signed partnership and Alexa


A new feature will become part of Amazon’s equipment that carries the Alexa virtual assistant. People who have a contract with AT&T, a North American operator, will be able to use them to make and receive calls normally, which makes them a kind of landline. The novelty will be implemented both in audio-only devices and in those that also have displays.

This is one of the first times that consumers will have the opportunity to register their phone numbers directly into their accounts, even though Jeff Bezos’s smart devices have facilitated communication before. In addition, the announcement comes at a time when Amazon is devoting even more attention to what’s new for Alexa, with the arrival of Zoom for the screens produced by the company having recently been reported.

Brian Oliver, Alexa Communications Director, celebrates the partnership: “When it arrives, the calling feature will help customers in the United States stay connected with their friends and families. We are excited to have teamed up with AT&T to bring the feature to everyone. our consumers. ”

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