Amazon: Alexa’s ‘Secret Identity’ May Have Been Discovered


Amazon: Accustomed to waking up, talking, getting favors and laughing at Alexa’s jokes, it is natural that we are curious to meet the human being who lent Amazon such a calm, warm and quiet voice. In an article published on Tuesday (11) in Wired magazine, journalist Brad Stone hints at the secret identity behind the world’s most famous voice assistant.

The revelation is part of a chapter in Stone’s upcoming book about tech giant Amazon Unbound, something like Amazon Without Limits. In the book, the journalist claims that he tracked down the owner of Alexa’s voice and that she is Nina Rolle, a voice actress from Boulder, USA. But so far, neither Rolle nor Amazon have confirmed the report.

To reach his conclusion, Stone claims that he talked to several people in the professional voiceover community, but Rolle’s own voice alone is already proof that she could be Alexa. Among the countless works of the voice actor and announcer available, the journalist separated two that may be proof of her discovery. Check out:

How was Nina Rolle chosen to be Alexa?

In Amazon Unbound, Stone explains that the process of choosing the right voice for Alexa was very difficult: executive Greg Hart spent months reviewing recordings of several candidates that GM Voices produced for the project. The main choices were presented to Jeff Bezos, who approved the voice he considered ideal.

For company reasons, Amazon never chose to reveal the voice actress’s name. When Stone was sure of Alexa’s identity, he tried to contact both Amazon and Rolle, but came to the conclusion that if the company has no interest in confirming its information, it is because it has its reasons there.

But for anyone who has an investigative spirit and wants to continue research from where Brad Stone left off, you can start by listening to other works by Nina Rolle on her website.


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