Amazon Alexa now gives tips and information about coronavirus


Amazon has updated its personal assistant Alexa so that the service is better able to answer questions from users about covid-19 and the new coronavirus. The information was detailed in a post on the company’s official blog and follows similar actions taken on Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri.

From now on, you can ask very specific questions for Alexa, such as “What to do if I think I got the coronavirus?”. The assistant will ask you other questions about symptoms, travel history and habits in the past few days. Finally, based on recommendations from the United States’ Center for Disease Control (DCD), it may indicate that you are in social isolation or seek medical help.

In addition, it is even possible to use Alexa for entertainment and education at the same time: just ask the assistant to sing a song for 20 seconds, ideal time for you to wash your hands properly and clean yourself against the coronavirus. This feature works even in Brazil – it speaks our language since October 2019, when officially together with some smart displays.

Information and leisure
Alexa can also now help you get accurate and official information, including from government channels and traditional broadcasters. To do this, test commands on your Echo Show like “Alexa, show me the news”. The company will also encourage you to use the brand’s products to make video calls instead of visiting relatives and friends, as well as using the company’s platforms to pass the time, like Prime Video.


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