Amazon Alexa, AZ1 Neural Edge Processor


Amazon has introduced the new AZ1 Neural Edge processor chip. Thanks to this chip, Amazon Alexa will become even faster.

Amazon’s new AZ1 machine learning processor is introduced. This new processor will make interactions with amazon Alexa even faster. Thanks to the company’s new special silicon, ordinary inquiries can be answered without access to the cloud.

The technology giant has prepared the new processor with a special silicon, taking into account its own products. During this period, it cooperated with MediaTek. Thus, Amazon wants to position Alexa in a different position in the growing voice home assistant market.

Will speed up machine learning applications

“The all-new silicon module aims to accelerate machine learning applications,” Amazon said in a statement. The new AZ1 offers a completely natural speech recognition model. Thus, the processor can detect requests much faster. This turns Alexa into a product that can react much faster.

According to Amazon’s statement, thanks to the new processor, Alexa’s response time is reduced by a few hundred milliseconds at the beginning of the process. This points to a very serious performance increase, especially when it comes to general use.

Advocating that AZ1 is the best energy-efficient processor in its class, Amazon promises up to 20 times less energy consumption, 2 times faster speech processing and 85% less memory usage. The AZ1 owes this significant performance improvement to being built directly on the device.

New Echo devices come with AZ1

Amazon’s new AZ1 chip will come on next-generation Echo devices. These devices will also include the new Echo and Echo Show 10. Advanced interactions will first be available to English speakers in the US.

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Those who want to experience the performance of the new processor by themselves can order the new Echo for $ 99 and the Echo Show 10 for $ 299. Thanks to the performance of the new voice assistant, Amazon seems to be the undisputed ruler of the market once again.


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