Amazon Admits Employees Making Their Urine Into Bottles


Amazon, one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, accepted the claims that its employees had to urinate into plastic bottles. In the statement made, it was emphasized that the problem “has been going on throughout the sector for a long time and they want to solve it”.

In the past weeks, we have conveyed the claims made about Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce platform. Marc Pocan from the state of Wisconsin, Democratic Party politician, tagged Amazon’s account in the allegations he made on his Twitter account and wrote, “While we prevent employees from unionizing and force them to urinate in bottles, paying $ 15 an hour doesn’t make you progressive.

On the other hand, Amazon used the words “If this were true, nobody would work for us” in its response from its official Twitter account. Now, the company apologized after evidence that drivers had to urinate into bottles, saying, “We owe Pocan an apology. The tweet was not correct. It did not take into account our large number of drivers and we were wrongly focused on our supply centers.”

In the message, it was also stated that there are dozens of toilets that workers working in the supply centers can use “whenever they want”.

In the press, the words of many Amazon employees that they have no choice but to urinate in plastic bottles during working hours, and the harsh working conditions of both the supply centers and distribution drivers were cited. Internal correspondence has also emerged showing that Amazon’s top executives are aware of this situation.

In the statement that the e-commerce giant took a step back, “We know that drivers sometimes have difficulties in finding toilets in traffic and rural roads, and this situation has intensified especially with the closure of public toilets due to Covid”, emphasizing that the problem “has been going on throughout the sector for a long time and they want to solve it”.

Rejecting Amazon’s apology, Pocan said, “It’s not my problem, it’s your workers, you don’t treat them with enough respect and dignity. Start by accepting the poor working conditions you create for ALL of your workers and solve everyone’s problems. And finally let them unionise without intervention.”

Amazon employees in Bessemer, Alabama, voted for unionization last week. The results of the unionization vote, which the e-commerce giant strongly opposes, will be announced next week. If the result turns out to be yes, this will be the first union of Amazon employees in the US. Most of the company’s European facilities are unionized.


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