Amazon Acquires MGM, The Studio Responsible For James Bond 007


Amazon: The company founded by Jeff Bezos will pay more than 8,000 million dollars for the purchase of the study. Amazon and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer have officially announced that they have reached an acquisition agreement. The Jeff Bezos giant will pay 8.450 million dollars (almost 7,000 million euros) for the purchase of the studio behind the James Bond 007 saga. This veteran company, which was founded almost a century ago, will complement the work of Amazon Studios, which it has focused primarily on producing content for television.

According to official information, Amazon “will preserve the legacy of MGM and the movie catalog,” while providing consumers with better access to all this content. Through this acquisition, Amazon intends for its new company to continue doing what it has done throughout all these years, tell good stories.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer not only has James Bond among its star sagas. They also own intellectual properties such as La Pantera Rosa or Rocky. The deal closed just days after AT&T made the decision to spin off WarnerMedia to join Discovery. Among the tangle of operation, the fight seems to be centered on the different streaming platforms, with Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video in the lead.

Eon Productions’ role in James Bond

The situation of James Bond is particular within MGM. The truth is that they share the rights with the production company Eon Productions, led by Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. They control an important part of the production, since they supervise and approve the marketing campaigns, the distribution and even the distribution. Therefore, Amazon will have to understand now with Eon Productions. Will the saga be on Amazon Prime? Will have to see.

After several delays due to the coronavirus crisis, the next film by the British agent, James Bond 007: No Time to Die, will be released on October 8.


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