Amazon Accuses SpaceX of Evading Regulation and Not Complying With Rules


Amazon‘s fight with SpaceX has heated up in recent days. The two brands are at odds over satellite launch projects that offer internet signal. In the latest chapter of the dispute, Amazon accused SpaceX of not complying with imposed rules and avoiding as much as possible being reprimanded by regulators, with the rival’s CEO, Elon Musk, thinking it is above those laws.

Responding to a series of criticisms made earlier by SpaceX, Amazon wrote a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which regulates telecommunications activities in the country. “The conduct of SpaceX and other companies managed by Musk makes its vision clear: rules are for other people and those who insist against it or simply ask for observations deserve ridicule and personal attacks,” the statement said.

In addition, the company criticized the strategy of changing the subject or vilifying whoever actually made the original accusations. “It’s with a sigh that Amazon responds to SpaceX’s recent attacks, which take this familiar course just to distract from the real problem. : Grant nothing, ignore rules whenever possible, and when all else fails, make a villain who triggered them,” reports Amazon.

What’s happening?

It all started when Amazon sent a first letter to the FCC, requesting caution when reviewing SpaceX’s Starlink project’s second-generation satellite design, alleging problems in meeting the requirements of the expansion document. Astronomers also expressed concern about Musk’s plans.

SpaceX was not happy with the questioning and rebuffed the criticism, saying Amazon was only after “harming competition”. That’s because the competitor also has similar plans, starting with Project Kuiper.

Blue Origin, chaired by now former company CEO Jeff Bezos, is also in dispute with Musk over government contracts in the rocket launching industry. So far, companies have not commented on this new chapter in the fight between the giants.


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