Amazing resemblance to J-Hope and Lee Min Jae


The BTS fandom has mentioned that the character Lee Min Jae from the drama Record of Youth is very similar to rapper J-Hope.

Korean culture is not only famous for artists like J-Hope and his fellow BTS members, who now dominate the music market in the United States, Korean dramas that are presented with various genres have also managed to attract fans of the stories of fiction in the world.

Each season, various elements of the South Korean creative industry often feature special dramas that are presented to entertain viewers at home. In the midst of technological advancements, Korean dramas can now be viewed through various apps, such as Viu, Line, or Netflix.

Entering the final season of 2020, tvN television station presents the drama ‘Record of Youth,’ starring actor Park Bo Gum. The drama has been attracting attention even in the screenings of its first few episodes.

Nielsen Korea recorded a rating of 7.2 percent for the domestic territory and 9.1 percent for the Seoul region. Besides featuring fresh stories packed with stars like actor Park Bo Gum and actress Park So Dam, there are other things that grab the attention of viewers, especially ARMY.

J-Hope and his great resemblance to Lee Min Jae

The BTS fandom has mentioned that one of the characters from the drama Record of Youth is similar to the BTS rapper. This is Lee Min Jae, played by the lead actress Shin Dong Mi, a female figure who previously worked in the same company as Sa Hye Jun, played by Park Bo Gum.

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In various scenes, Lee Min Jae’s demeanor often reminds ARMY of J-Hope’s cheerful and expressive figure. Also from a visual perspective, Lee Min Jae’s short hair made it easy for ARMY to get a glimpse of J-Hope’s figure there.

This is a hot topic of conversation among Korean drama lovers, so much so that they have named the character Lee Min Jae as J-Hope’s twin. “Hello friends, did you watch the Korean drama Record of Youth? Am I the only one who thinks Lee Min Jae is identical to Hobi,” mentioned a BTS fan.

The rapper’s resemblance to the actress was even more visible when compared to the J-Hope who played the role of ‘ARMY’s mother’ on the House of ARMY show. In fact, actress Shin Dong Mi is 16 years older than the “Chicken Noodle Soup” performer.


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