Amazing report appeared for Galaxy S20 sales


Galaxy S20 sales are not going as expected by the company. When the latest Galaxy S20 sales figures are analyzed, it was revealed that the company sold less than the previous model Galaxy S10.

In the Galaxy S20 series introduced in the past month, all three models were talked about quite a lot. After the introduction, it was wondered what kind of sales statistics the phones would get. First information about sales started to come.

Galaxy S20 sales are not as desired
In a report prepared in South Korea, a review of Galaxy S20 sales was made. As a result of the examination, it was stated that the company could not reach the desired number of sales. Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S10 sales were also compared. When comparing the sales of the same period, Galaxy S20 series sales were around 60 percent of the Galaxy S10 series sales.

When it meets the same period, the Galaxy S10 sales are around 36 million units. Galaxy S20 series sales may be a bit difficult to reach this amount.

The report was shared by the news source entitled Seoul Economic Daily. The exact number of sales has not been announced yet. However, the statistics for the first quarter of 2020 began to be determined. In the first quarter period, all telephone companies are expected to decrease in sales. As a result, epidemic measures implemented in many countries of the world are shown.

In a previous report, it was determined that worldwide sales of phones decreased by 38 percent in February.

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