Amazing images of Kim Seon Ho’s past come to light


At the age of 34, Kim Seon Ho is known for his participation in about a dozen dramatic productions, one of the most successful Start-Up in which he shared the leading role with Suzy, Sam Joo Hyuk, and Kang Han Na.

When Netflix’s K-Drama Star-Up premiered in October it received rave reviews from start to finish, not just for the staging of its original story but for the performances of its cast.

In the Korean drama there was a character who stood out and aroused special admiration and empathy among his followers, the one played by Kim Seon Ho called Han Ji Pyung, a young man of great ability who with great effort became the leader of the senior team of SH Venture Capital.

Kim Seon Ho’s rise in popularity has sparked curiosity about his past. He is remembered for his works in Chief Kim (2017), Strongest Deliveryman (2017), Two Cops (2018), You Drive Me Crazy (2018), 100 Days My Prince (2018), Welcome to Waikiki 2 (2019), Catch the Ghost (2019).

This time around, Kim Seon Ho made headlines again in the entertainment industry, as his fans uncovered striking photos of the actor’s past, before his artistic career began.

They are the photos of the actor when he graduated from high school, in which he appears as a typical teenager in his school uniform and looking consistent with the image of a student of that generation.


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