Amazing Ethereum Forecast From Master Analyst: These Peaks In 6-12 Months!


Katie Stockton of Fairlead Strategies says that Ethereum analysis offers a positive price outlook if investors stay above a key resistance level for the week ahead.

Stockton sees ETH rise 33% to $6,000

The second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization hit record highs on Tuesday, hitting almost 5% above $4,500 for the first time. According to Stockton, gains could continue if Ethereum (ETH) marks its consecutive weekly close above its previous resistance at $4,384. This means that ETH price must close above $4,384 both this Friday and next Friday for Stockton’s prediction to be in play.

Fairlead Strategies analyst sees Ethereum rise 33% to $6,000 from current levels based on a measured projection of move price if it confirms its recent break above previous resistance. This price target could come quickly for ETH as Stockton’s analysis sees gains happening in the next 6 to 12 months.

First quarter of 2022 targeted for Ethereum

Stockton said in a recent Insider statement that price predictions will be volatile and will last until the first half of 2022:

Of course, we don’t expect it to get there in a straight line, but a confirmed breakout would potentially support the uptrend in the first half of 2022.

Finally, if Ethereum does not confirm its recent breakout and falls, Stockton states that investors should look to potential support at $3,340, which represents a 26% potential downside from current levels.