Amazing bug from WhatsApp! Private chats on Google


WhatsApp has been criticized for a while due to its new data policy. If users do not approve of sharing WhatsApp data with Facebook until February 8, 2020, they will not be able to use the app. For this reason, millions of people started to shift to alternative applications. While the events were more fresh, now it turned out that WhatsApp users shared their private messages with Google. WhatsApp data breach is expanding its scope.

WhatsApp is back on the agenda with a data breach

WhatsApp’s private groups can be accessed by people searching on Google. The data vulnerability discovered by Gadgets 360 allows access to messages of private groups on the Web as WhatsApp allows indexing of group chat invitations. This data flaw was first discovered in 2019, and the backlash WhatsApp quickly resolved the issue and limited search engine compatibility.

The thing is, in short, Google allows it to index WhatsApp information. (indexing is the process where search engines add new URLs to their results). For this reason, many people’s personal information, phone numbers and groups they entered emerged. Although WhatsApp has limited it, personal information is seen in the search results, and there is a gap. Groups and invitation links appear again when Google is searched.

Not only groups, but even though they seem to be corrected it is not. People’s phone numbers and profile photos can be uncovered with a simple Google search due to the problem.

In order to solve the problem, WhatsApp has started to add ‘noindex’ tags to Google, except for adding an index to Google since March last year. It turned out that the search results were no longer visible on Google, but soon the links started to appear in the search results. In other words, if the ‘noindex’ tag solution found by WhatsApp failed and does not find a more constructive solution, WhatsApp, which emphasizes user privacy, seems to lose more users.


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