Amazfit’s Mobile App Has Changed Name In Play Store


Preparing to introduce its new Amazfit products next fall, Huami made a significant pre-introduction change and changed the name of the Amazfit mobile app in the Play Store. With the change, the new name of the Amazfit application was Zepp.

China-based technology manufacturer Huami is known for its Amazfit branded wearable technology products. The company’s smart watches are particularly popular. The vast majority of those who use these smart watches signed by Amazfit, also install the Amazfit mobile application on their phones to be able to use the watch integrated with their smartphones.

Now, the Chinese company has changed the name of the Amazfit companion mobile application in the Play Store. The mobile application, previously called Amazfit, greets users with the name Zepp (Formerly Amazfit) in the store after the name change. The description of the mobile app gives us an idea of ​​why the app’s name was changed.

Why has Amazfit’s Play Store name changed?

When we search for the Zepp or formerly Amazfit application on the Play Store, the following statements are included in the description: “ The name of the Amazfit application will be officially changed to ‘Zepp’ as of August 25, 2020 in order to offer a more comprehensive and professional health management experience to a wider audience. A new app icon will also be added to this. Your Amazfit devices will continue to work normally with the renamed and updated app. ”

Zepp is actually a company known for its smart sports accessories and sensors. If you do a short search on the Play Store, you can see that there are different Zepp applications developed for different sports such as football, tennis and golf.

At this point, Huami bought Zepp about two years ago and acquired it. It seems that the company is planning to bring all of its applications together, which could be said to make sense. For this reason, the new Zepp application seems to work together for both Zepp sensors and Amazfit products.


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