Amazfit launches the new GTR 2 and GTS 2


Amazfit has left us some of the most competent smartwatches throughout 2019. With the inspiration of its counterparts from other large firms, it has brought forward its different devices that have convinced many users. The end of the year is approaching and the company does not want to miss the opportunity to renew its line with the new GTR 2 and GTS 2.

GTR 2, classic and stylish

Many think that smartwatches are devices with a very technological aspect that break all aesthetics. But the reality is very different depending on the model you see, as is the case with the Amazfit GTR 2. The device has a rounded dial made of stainless steel or aluminum alloy with two buttons on the right side. Its screen integrates a 1.39-inch AMOLED display where you will see all the information that passes through your smartphone and other data derived from its functions.

It will have, as in the previous version, functions such as the PAI system, which will measure your daily activity, bluetooth, air pressure sensor and can hold up to five atmospheres under water. The device will arrive in a standard version and a sportier version that will cost 179 and 169 euros respectively. It is also already available.

The most complete and sporty version

The other version that Amazfit has presented today is that of one of its best-selling watches: the GTS 2. Its appearance similar to the Apple Watch with its square crown is one of its interesting points, but now it has added an extra protection to its areas more committed. We are talking about the side button it has, which is flanked by two protections. The AMOLED screen that it has is 1.65 inches and enjoys all the characteristics of its brother in terms of connectivity and features.

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So what makes the GTR 2 different from the GTS 2? apart from the screen, which is bigger in the GTS, the battery is another of the most notable differences. We talk about the GTR 2 having a 471 mAh battery while the GTS 2 has a 246 mAh battery. You will think that it is not much autonomy, but the reality is different taking into account the advances from one version to another you can use them at full capacity for more than a week between charging and charging. As for its launch date, it is expected to be for the month of November for about 169 euros.


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