Amazfit Band 5 vs Mi Band 5: understand the differences


Smart wristbands have won over consumers who want to stay more connected and track some health metrics. Among the options of this segment, the Xiaomi Mi Band, has always stood out, arriving in 2020 in its fifth edition and bringing more and more complete features.

However, Huami (a subsidiary of Xiaomi itself) launched Amazfit Band 5 a few months after Mi Band 5, a model very similar to the one launched by Xiaomi, but with differences that is interesting to know.

Next, you will check out the main highlights of these two smart bracelets.

Consecrated design among smart bracelets

Regarding the look and construction, we can say that the Mi Band 5 and Amazfit Band 5 have practically no differences. The body of the devices have similar dimensions (with a difference of 1 mm), and even the silicone bracelets of the two models are interchangeable. In construction, the same rubberized material is used in both variants.

On the front, the only difference is due to the capacitive button of the Mi Band 5, which has a circular shape while the other model has a more oval shape.

With the exception of these two differences, it is very difficult to recognize which is which between Amazfit Band 5 vs Mi Band 5. Even the chargers for both bracelets can be used on the other model.

Smart features

Xiaomi has a history of launching bracelets with increasingly advanced features. Having already arrived at the fifth model in this line, it was to be expected that the Mi Band 5 would be quite complete in that sense – and the smart bracelet doesn’t really disappoint when it comes to its functions.

This accessory has several ways of monitoring exercises, such as running, walking, gym and even swimming. The Mi Band 5 does not have integrated GPS, so you need to connect to your smartphone to record the route during physical activities. The model also has a menstrual calendar and a breathing exercise.

Everything that has been said so far is also valid for the Amazfit Band 5, but there are two important extra features: the model has an oximeter and is compatible with Alexa. That is, this model excels in being able to measure the level of oxygen in the blood (using a sensor) and interact with the personal assistant from Amazon to perform a series of commands.

Other functions

Regarding the features related to the function of a conventional clock, the two models are able to display the time, complete date, stopwatch and even the weather forecast. The accessories also display notifications from the smartphone, but it is not possible to answer them by the bracelet.

Both Mi Band 5 and Amazfit Band 5 are waterproof and can be immersed to a depth of up to one meter for up to 30 minutes. This means that water sports will not be a problem for users.

The application of the two smart bracelets is also very similar. The Mi Fit app is the same for all versions of this line, a robust program that works very well on both Android and iOS devices. The Amazfit Band 5 application is newer, but equally competent to manage the functions of the smart bracelet.

Regarding the battery, the two accessories also have an impressive autonomy that can reach 45 days of use.

Which one is the best? Amazfit Band 5 vs Mi Band 5

Practically identical in design, features and functions, these two smart bracelets represent a great option for anyone who wants an accessory to accompany physical activities. The differential of the Amazfit Band 5 is exactly to integrate with the personal assistant Alexa allowing to expand its capabilities beyond the device.

In addition, the Amazfit Band 5 also has an extra sensor responsible for measuring blood oxygenation. If the oximeter is important to keep track of your health metrics, this smart bracelet should be your choice.


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