Amaranth wants to hold its own convention


Amouranth is part of the echelon of streamers who have turned into legitimate celebrities outside of Twitch or platforms in general. She has also profited from this celebrity in an incredibly lucrative way, recently stating that she can withdraw $100,000 a day without any problems. Amouranth is also not slowing down. Recently, she shared on social networks that she dreams of holding her own congress. However, she also clarifies that the convention will not necessarily be dedicated to Amouranth, to the horror of Twitch fans.

Using her personal Twitter account “wildkait”, Amurant asked her followers if they or anyone knows anyone with experience organizing or holding a convention. In particular, she mentions that she is looking for someone with “experience as a director, management, top manager or chairman of the board of directors.” In other words, she is looking for congressional veterans at the organizational level who will help her either determine the next steps for the congress, or begin to take these next steps. Apparently, Amurant is very serious about exploring the possibility of holding a convention.

However, the details of what Amouranth wants to do with the convention are not clear. What she really says is that she would like to hold the convention in her hometown, which presumably will be Houston, Texas. She also says that her goal will be at least 25,000 visitors, which will be modest compared to the largest fan conventions in the world, but still significant.

As for the subject of the convention, Amouranth does not specify. What she really says is that it’s not an “amo-con bat signal,” and besides that “the subject has little to do with me other than that I was/am a fan.” In other words, it looks like Amouranth wants to hold a convention for something she likes, not for the Amouranth brand or any of her various streams, products or services.

Although the way Amurant formulated the convention is still quite mysterious, this is not necessarily her intention. The Twitch star explains that he wants to share more information about his plans for the coming weeks. She’s just trying to get a better understanding of what’s needed for the convention right now. This is the first step in the process.

If Amurant had indeed held a convention dedicated to her streaming channels, she would undoubtedly have become popular. The disaster of YouTuber Tana Monjo at a convention in Anaheim, California, attracted more than 20,000 visitors before it was shut down and canceled. We hope that Amouranth will soon share more information about what could be a very long-awaited event, whether it’s Twitch or something else.