Amandla Stenberg talks about her concern about the ending of The BodiesBodiesBodies and how it was taken into account in the script


Halina Rein’s poignant thriller “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” has become a pleasant excursion at the end of summer for moviegoers who want their horrors to be filled with attitude and style. The events of the film unfold during a party dedicated to the hurricane, where participants play a game involving artificial murder. The film is a great success with positive reviews (such as the one we wrote for it) and causes a stormy rumor. One of the reasons why Bodies Bodies Bodies gives such pleasure is that it’s a detective story with a very pleasant ending, so as soon as you finally, as a viewer, figure out what’s really going on in this darkened mansion, you leave. wanting to go back and watch the movie again to find any signs or clues.

That ending and the possibility that it wouldn’t land in full worried Bodies Bodies star Amandla Stenberg when she signed up for the film. But during the press day of the A24 film, the actress you may know best from her role in The Hunger Games told how her fears were dispelled when she read the script of the film. She told CinemaBlend how she felt reading this finale, saying she was:

Completely shocked. In addition, throughout history, I hoped that the ending would end with something similar. And then I’m really deeply satisfied, because I think the ending so encapsulates the satirical nature of the whole story.

This is true. Bodies Bodies Bodies walk a complicated tightrope of tension and comedy, asking you to follow them while the party members, including the King of Staten Island himself, Pete Davidson and the outstanding Borat Maria Bakalova, begin to fall. The killer is allegedly at large, eliminating threats. And all the characters begin to swirl with a whirlwind of distrust. Will anyone manage to get out of the party alive?

When the director of Bodies Bodies Bodies Halina Rein came to the official CinemaBlend podcast, ReelBlend, she spoke in detail about how she came to the end of the film, and how it justifies the nihilistic approach she wanted to apply to the material. Because for her there was a deeper emotional comment in the story, and the finale (without spoiling anything) conveyed this mood. Rain explained to ReelBlend:

I think when we came up with the ending, it really excited me. For me personally, the ending is the key to the whole movie. When we thought about the ending, I realized that I could do it. It was then that I realized that I could make it my own and not betray what I had been building all my life, that is, you know, darkness. At the end I wanted to say something almost hedonistic and almost nihilistic about life, because I feel that we are all going to die. And this is absurd! We know we’re all going to die, but we’re sitting here, dressing up, making moves, you know, there’s a war going on, people are dying, and it’s crazy. So I feel like the ending was just a great idea.

If you haven’t hit the theater yet to watch “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies,” pay attention to this. This is an incredibly exciting ride that will keep you guessing right up to the final shots, and you will not be disappointed. And if you’re digging into horror, bookmark our list of upcoming horror movies and plan your movie trips accordingly.


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