Amanda Waller’s Spin-Off Has the Perfect Way to Bring Back the Royal Shark


Peacemaker gets a spinoff in the form of an Amanda Waller series, and while little is known about its storyline, DC comics has provided the series with a potential way to bring back the fan-favorite Royal Shark. Shark King, also known as Nanaue (voiced by Sylvester Stallone), entered the DC universe with his role in Suicide Squad. In 2022, it was announced that an Amanda Waller show starring Viola Davis (who also played a character in Suicide Squad and Suicide Squad) was in development for HBO Max, scripted by Crystal Henry (The Guardians) and executive produced by Davis and James. Gunn. It has been stated that the show is a sequel to Peacemaker, in which there has been a major shift in the status quo for a government operative.

The Peacemaker ended with Waller’s daughter, Leota Adebayo, exposing her mother’s involvement in the Suicide Squad and the Butterfly Project. No details have been revealed about Waller’s series, although it seems that at least part of it will focus on the consequences of revealing her secrets, which is a fitting premise for a story centered around her. However, the comic book series “Suicide Squad: Shark King” has presented an intriguing plot that may allow you to re-introduce the Shark King to the DCEU and look at Amanda Waller from a different angle.

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In issue #12 of the series, Waller threatened to kill Nanaue’s friend so that he would remain obedient. However, the villain called her bluff, revealing that she took him in when he was a baby, after his father left King Shark in her care. She then raised the boy, effectively making Nanaue her adopted son. Amanda Waller’s spin-off series could theoretically use this disclosure to show King Shark as a prominent minor character, especially as a kind of son, which would be appropriate now that her relationship with Adebayo’s daughter is apparently soured after her public bombshell. Peacemaker showed glimpses of Waller’s maternal side, and this could get further developed with Nanaue. Although Suicide Squad did not establish an emotional connection between her and King Shark, she showed him more compassion than the other members of Task Force X (for example, when she congratulated him on knowing what “hand” means).

How Amanda Waller’s Spin-off Could Include King Shark

If Waller’s series had followed a comic-book-like path, her implied affection for Nanaue could have been used as the basis for the mother-son dynamic. James Gunn’s version of The Shark King’s Suicide Squad is very innocent and child-like, which can also serve to develop such a relationship. In addition, “Suicide Squad” established that King Shark was not just a comic character; he was someone with desires and aspirations. To draw attention to him again—especially as a son— would be an interesting way to delve deeper into his psyche.

The inclusion of the Shark King could also add to the Amanda Waller arch. As has been shown during her past appearances in live action movies, the character has few moral boundaries and is willing to do terrible things for (in her eyes) the greater good. If she establishes a family relationship with someone as emotionally conflicted as Nanaue, who is also one of her subordinates, it can allow informative and emotional interaction of the characters, which will play on James Gunn’s tendency to emphasize often complex family relationships, as shown in the films “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Peacemaker”.

One could argue that “Suicide Squad: Shark King” has appeared so recently that it calls into question how possible it is for the creators of Waller’s series to include plot points from it in the narrative. After all, shows of this magnitude take a lot of time to plan, and therefore the story for Waller’s next adventure is most likely already ready. Nevertheless, drawing inspiration from comics, even partially, is an opportunity, given the ever-evolving nature of the narrative development, and will allow creative people, firstly, to re-introduce their favorite character in an exciting way, and secondly, to explore the side of the Shark King and Amanda Waller, which corresponds to the family themes studied in “Suicide Squad” and “Peacemaker”.


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