Amanda Lee did not lie: She is taller than Anastasiya Kvitko


Amanda Lee has assured that her measures have no comparison. When the fitness model resembled Anastasiya Kvitko , from the perspective of the followers seemed a balanced competition, however, the photo we showed them gave the final verdict. The biggest size is for the Canadian. Now it is your turn to see exactly what we mean.

Sunbathing on a pool day, the Lee of the moment took all the sighs of the place and the networks with extremely pronounced curves. A beige top and wide-leg print pants was the outfit selected to cause commotion .

The measures of Amanda who fell in love with the camera lens are 91 – 58 – 94 , her touches the perfection of the theoretical 90 – 60 – 90 commented. When you appreciate your body there is no doubt about the more than 12 million followers on Instagram that accompany each step you take.

For those who think that the arrival to fame and perfection in Amanda’s photos is a coincidence, the truth is that she studies every detail to be better than other influencers.

Amanda Lee works on the perfect photo
The background, poses, light, contrast, are part of the characteristics that the model takes care of in its photos , always trying to perfect something for the next publication.

« I really like the complete aesthetics of the photo so that it looks good – the background, the lighting, the equipment-. I just like to create a general aesthetic, which I think my followers will like. And, of course, I like to get the right angles , ” said Amanda Lee of the work that exists in every successful snapshot. With this philosophy of continuous improvement, your place on the podium of sports influencers will be secured for many more years. Will Anastasiya Kvitko have anything to say about these measures ?


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