Amanda Kloots presents a tribute jewelry design with the EF collection in honor of her late husband Nick Cordero


From loss to peace. Amanda Kloots teamed up with the founder of the jewelry brand Emily Strauss to create a limited collection full of healing and hope.

The line, aptly named Amanda Kloots x EF Collection, consists of six elegant earrings, including emeralds, and a musical note dedicated to the late husband of the Dancing with the Stars graduate Nick Cordero.

“I admire her positivity and optimism and was so excited when she agreed to collaborate with me on a special collection.”

Cordero died after a long battle with COVID-19 in July 2020, and Strauss lost her young son to polycystic kidney disease in April 2021.

“Emily and I share the same feelings of grief and loss, but we also love the same jewelry: beautiful, restrained and refined,” says Kloots. “It seemed natural to unite and develop something special together.

So, the new friends went on a creative journey, including in it a philanthropic component that is close to them. Ten percent of the proceeds from the collection will go to Our House, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that has been providing support, services, education, resources and hope since 1993.

In addition to common injuries, Kloots and Strauss have the same zodiac sign, which immediately brought them closer.

“The first time I met Amanda, she shared that she was a Fish (me too!) and that this is our “Emerald Year,” Strauss tells us, adding that “this is a year of luck and miracles.” The latter served as a source of inspiration for many emerald designs of the collection.

But perhaps the most memorable design of all is the diamond note clasp, a wonderful way to pay homage to the late Broadway star and his love of music.

This isn’t the first time Kloots has celebrated the actor’s legacy with jewels. In December 2020, she took to Instagram to share a video of a ring she made from her late husband’s ashes.

She turned to jewelry designer Stephanie Gottlieb to create the design. “She placed a sapphire in the center, his birthstone,” Kloots wrote in the accompanying caption. “This NC engraved ring will one day go to Elvis.”

Keep scrolling to buy the Amanda Kloots x EF collection, and note that all the spikes are sold separately, so you can combine them to your liking.