Amanda Bynes, teen star of Nickelodeon and cinema

Do you know what happened to Amanda Bynes, Nickelodeon’s teen star? Whoever grew up in the 90s knows very well who the actress is. After all, she was part of many teen series and films and became one of the icons of the decade. However, over time, problems with alcoholism and her mental health caused her to get involved in controversial situations.

Amanda’s career took off when she joined All That, a Nickelodeon television series famous for bringing in musical guests every week. She was part of the cast between 1994 and 2002 and, from 1999, she starred in The Show of Amanda, also from Nickelodeon.

Before her own show, Bynes became a staple in the game show Figure It Out. After all these Nickelodeon shows, her career gained focus in cinema from 2002.

Shall we know what happened to Amanda Bynes in 2021?

#PorOndeAnda: Amanda Bynes, teen star of Nickelodeon

In 2002, the actress performed alongside Frankie Muiz and Paul Giamatti in the comedy The Great Liar. After the film, she received more and more roles and became a true teen star. Among the productions, the classic Tudo que uma Menina Quer, from 2003, and Ela é o Cara, from 2006 stand out.

In the television world, Bynes participated in the series Things I Hate About You, as Holly Taylor. Before launching what is perhaps her biggest film, she also participated in the production Hairspray: In Search of Fame, a film version of the classic Broadway musical.

In 2010, Amanda Bynes participated in the film The Lie, alongside Emma Stone. The film has become one of the greatest teenage classics to date. In the film, she played a religious girl who disagreed with Stone’s character. Then, after the release, the actress announced that she would take a break indefinitely.

During this period, Bynes’ turbulent personal life began to stand out in the tabloids. Two years after the release of A Mentira, she was accused of driving while intoxicated. Then, in the years that followed, new accusations of irresponsible driving emerged, in addition to her being caught carrying marijuana and setting a stranger’s garage on fire.

With all the accusations, the actress underwent an evaluation to certify her mental health. With that, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and began her journey to conquer sobriety. Publicly, Amanda Bynes took responsibility for her mistakes and apologized to her fans.

In 2020, the actress announced her engagement to Paul Michael and the two had to deal with the first breakup rumor just three weeks later. The two revealed that the news was false and they were still together. Then, in March of the same year, the actress published a photo with the announcement that she was pregnant with her first child. In controversy, the publication was deleted and her lawyer stated that she was not pregnant.

Amanda Bynes in 2021 has the support of her mother, Lynn Organ, to take care of all her financial decisions. The decision was made on account of her abuse of toxic substances and, so far, there is no prediction for her to regain her independence.

Although the actress is still off the radar, one of the last news we had from her was that she was celebrating her one year engagement to Paul Michael.

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