Alyssa Finley, producer, Rapture BioShock


With over 28 years of industry experience, this production company found its place in the industry, where it made history with BioShock.

Making a name for yourself in the video game industry has never been easy. On numerous occasions we have delved under the layer of glamor that surrounds professions related to the world of videogames to find more bitter faces and stories without a happy ending. However, we also find personalities who have managed to face difficulties and move forward with projects that have revolutionized the history of the video game. An example of this is Alyssa Finley, a producer with 28 years of experience behind her and who has been behind titles such as BioShock, or some Telltale Games narrative adventures such as Minecraft Story Mode, Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead: New Frontier .

Customer service: the gateway to the industry

According to an account in Women in Gaming -100 Professionals of Play (Meagan Marie), Alyssa Finley was about to graduate in computer science and was not satisfied with the career guidance provided by the university. She wanted to play video games, but the only professional help they gave her at the center was to refer her to a local government facility. “Luckily, a friend in California stood up and suggested that I stop by during spring break to look for work. In a week I got an initial position in a small studio in San Rafael ”. It was Beyond Software – later known as Stormfront Studios – creators of Rebel Space, an e-mail video game. “In high school I spent many hours playing Trade Wars, another e-mail game that was on the local bulletin board system. This, along with my brand new computer science degree, was what secured the position for me. Don Daglow, founder of Stormfront and the person who gave me my first job, believed in team diversity and had a strong scale of values ​​that he passed on to his employees to reinforce the study. ” Out of curiosity, Alyssa skipped her own college graduation for work reasons, and received her diploma by email.


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