Aly and AJ: One Day in our lives


You don’t live until you live… you live with them! In 2021, the cult duo of the 00s Aly and AJ Michalka released their first album in 14 years. Now they are on tour in support of the album — and told us about their touring life from the inside.

When the sisters, who brought us such hits as the hit “Chemicals React” and the fan favorite “Like Whoa”, released their latest album “A Touch of the Beat Gets You Up on Your Feet Gets You Out” and “Then Into the Sun”, fans were delighted with the duo’s first full-length project since 2007.

While 33-year-old Ali and 31—year—old AJ are aware of the nostalgic factor of their music – “Potential Breakup Song” went viral on TikTok and inspired them to release a new candid version – the Disney Channel graduates decided to dive into the social issues they are passionate about in their latest album A Touch of the Beat.

“Ali and I, our political involvement has grown, our involvement in mental health awareness has grown, our involvement in the LGBT community has grown. All of this plays a role in the lyrics and meaning of many of these songs,” AJ told Entertainment Weekly in 2021. “It’s not necessarily an album of love songs. There are love songs on the album, but the record is really authentic and carries a lot of depth and weight, and I think people will feel refreshed listening to it.”

In addition to pop music, the sisters are also known for their acting. The two starred in the Disney Channel original movie Cow Belles, while Ali starred in Phil of the Future before joining the CW’s Hellcats and playing a supporting role in Easy A. For her part, AJ starred in the ABC series Schooled and The Goldbergs. with a voice role in the popular Netflix animated series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

With the release of A Touch of the Beat, Ali and AJ released four studio albums together, starting with Into the Rush 2005. The success of this record was soon followed by their 2006 Christmas album Acoustic Hearts of Winter. In 2007, the musicians released Insomniatic — an album that glorified them with the song “Potential Breakup Song”.

While the sisters continued to compose music together over the years, including several EP’s, A Touch of the Beat and its lead single “Slow Dancing” were the catalyst for them to hit the road again in support of a full album. .

Keep scrolling to see Aly & AJ’s life on tour, and visit their official website to find out the dates of the upcoming tour:

9:00 a.m.

Pages. Aly & AJ are back with a new tour! “Reading is a big part of bus life,” AJ told us. “We couldn’t help but go to our favorite [bookstore] in San Francisco called City Lights.”


Game time. You should have fun when you’re on the road! “We all went to Topgolf to celebrate AJ’s birthday,” Ali shared. “It’s always fun to hang out with the band and the team.”


The puppy is a star! “Having Ali’s dog, Bixby, with us throughout the tour is such a turning point,” AJ said. “His energy is so healing and he just lifts everyone’s spirits when he’s around.” There is nothing better than dog communication.

4:00 p.m.

The siblings, who released their first album in 14 years in 2021, are taking a break before preparing for their evening concert. “We love good hotel beds!” said Ali. “We are big sleepers. Rested really helps us stay strong vocally and physically.”


Getting glamour. “We have a whole behind—the-scenes process,” AJ explained. “We do our hair and makeup, get dressed, [do] vocal warm-ups and sort out the notes, and then drink hot tea before going on stage.”


It’s time for lunch! “We’re big foodies,” AJ said. “It’s always important to find great places on the road. We literally keep a list of all our favorite places in every city in our phones.” Enjoy your meal!