Alternative Apps To Congratulate If WhatsApp Is Down This New Year’s Eve 2021


WhatsApp: It is already a classic: at 11:59 p.m. on December 31/0 hours on January 1, WhatsApp gives the hiccups and either goes on pedals, or it definitely falls off. It does not always happen, but it does happen that, as with phone calls, the enormous volume of traffic that the application must support on its servers causes your service to falter.

If for whatever reason you cannot send that New Year’s greeting 2021 by WhatsApp, here are other alternatives:


It is safer, more reliable, with a more efficient service and the fastest on the market. Telegram is clearly better than WhatsApp as a messaging app, and in fact it is the only rivals that has remained and continues to stand out in second position. So why is WhatsApp still the most used app?

Simply because users have gotten used to it, but when something like today happens and WhatsApp crashes, then everyone quickly goes to Google Play and the App Store to download Telegram to continue talking with their contacts. And if you don’t believe us and you already have Telegram installed, try to see in the main interface how many new contacts from your mobile phone book have just made a Telegram account.


One of those that benefited at the beginning of this year from the massive exodus of WhatsApp users, Signal was founded in 2013 and has about 10 million users per month, a number that may seem pyrrhic next to the 2.5 billion of WhatsApp, but that it is an instant messaging application supported by Brian Acton -co-founder of WhatsApp-, and that it is based on an open code, so that anyone can check how it works, unlike WhatsApp, which although it is based on the same -Open Whisper Systems- protocol, it is not open source.

The use of Signal is being recommended for communications between EU staff and people who do not work within the European Commission, so the EU makes it clear that it does not support other messaging applications such as Telegram or the iMessage of iOS and Apple.