Altered Beast and Other Games Come To Nintendo Switch Online Today (17)


Altered Beast: Nintendo Switch Online has augmented its Mega Drive game library under the expanded Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) subscription. Five new titles have been added, which include classics like ToeJam & Earl and Altered Beast.

The other games, as shown in the Trailer, are Dynamite Headdy, Sword of Vermillion, and Thunder Force 2. The five titles, plus the catalog of other Mega Drive games emulated on Switch, are available for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers along with their expansion pack.

The NSO expansion also offers Nintendo 64 games, but no titles were added for the platform this week. The last game added to the N64 library was Paper Mario, on December 10th. Nintendo has promised that Banjo-Kazooie will soon arrive as well, but it won’t be until January.

The Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack has been criticized since its first announcement. Many Switch players no longer liked knowing that they would have to pay more to access Mega Drive and N64 games in addition to Super Nintendo and Nintendinho 8bits.

When the price of the expansion was revealed, however, criticism redoubled and were virtually unanimous. That’s because the price of a Switch Online subscription with the expansion is R$ 262.99 per year. Meanwhile, the standard subscription costs R$100 for the same period. The difference is R$162.99, which means that just the extra value alone for the additional package is greater than the standard subscription.