Alter Rem, a new virtual reality and leisure center in Madrid


A Madrid company opens a new center with VR experiences like Half-Life: Alyx and much more; including an open room where you can move freely.

Virtual reality lovers residing in Madrid have a new appointment with Alter Rem, a leisure center based on virtual reality where they can spend an afternoon with friends enjoying works such as Half-Life: Alyx or experiences such as Shmooter and Safe Night . We tell you what it offers.

“Alter Rem transcends the barrier of the physical world and takes you fully into a world where anything is possible.” Thanks to its Virtual Reality technology, you can enjoy a unique experience that will mark a before and after in the way you see this technology. You dare?

It is possible to enjoy an individual or multiplayer Virtual Reality plan with your family and friends. Alter Rem has a completely open-plan room where it is possible to move freely thanks to its state-of-the-art technology and interact with each other. We will experience a completely immersive and realistic sensation that will allow us a great level of interaction and gameplay, since all the movements we make in reality will be reflected in the virtual world.

You can check here schedules, prices, availability and other frequent questions.

These are their experiences:

Safe Night: After a nuclear hecatomb, radiation has affected all living beings turning them into zombies. Your goal is clear: SURVIVE. Help is on the way, but you and your group will have to be able to resist until it arrives and only the strongest will survive. Will you be able to achieve it? Get ready for a high dose of adrenaline and excitement!
Shmooter: Tokyo cyberpunk. Two abandoned buildings and much to discover. There can only be one champion. Fight with your friends in the “all against all” mode and show who is the most skillful and lethal or choose the option “2 against 2” and propose the winning strategy that will lead you to victory. As a trick, take advantage of the weapon and life bonuses to defeat everyone in this impressive virtual reality game in which you will have freedom of movement, lots of fun and adrenaline. Go for victory!
Half Life Alyx: the game of the mythical Half Life saga has managed to bring to the world of Virtual Reality a game full of action, suspense and mystery, all with an amazing graphics quality and enormous versatility when interacting with it environment. Get into the shoes of Alyx Vance and fight against the fearsome Combine empire using all the resources at your fingertips. By inserting free mobility through our room together with the “teleport” option, you will be able to explore the entire City 17 with the maximum possible sensation of immersion. This game is only available in individual mode.


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