Altcoins Invested by Ripple CTO Lost $ 300 Thousand


Ripple CTO David Swartz made important statements about some of the altcoins he invested in. When Swartz saw the bottom of these altcoins that he bought early, he lost 300 thousand dollars.

Ripple chief technology officer David Schwartz announced that he lost $ 300k after investing in some alternative cryptocurrencies. “Have you lost your investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?” On Schwartz Quora. He answered his question and admitted that he made investments that did not end well.

Altcoins that lost Ripple CTO to Schwartz

David Schwartz, one of the chief executives of XRP, the 4th most valuable crypto money by market value, also explained some of the projects that lost $ 300,000 in total.

  • Blocktix (TIX)
  • BetDice (DICE)
  • Flash (FLASH)
  • Amp (AMP)
  • Signal Token (SIG)
  • Bee Coin (BEE)
  • Kind Ads Token (KIND)
  • Kudos (KUDOS)
  • Pryze (PRYZ)
  • Vezt (VZT)

Most of these cryptocurrencies performed quite well in 2017-2018, but now almost all of them have bottomed out. According to CoinGecko data, TIX is trading at $ 0.001, while DICE is trading at $ 0.0002. FLASH and AMP are bought and sold for $ 0.003. Among these altcoins, Kudos, Pryze and Vezt are not even included in CoinGecko; this confirms that they have been at zero for a long time.

David Schwartz’s history of bad decisions

For Ripple CTO, this is not the first time for bad altcoin investments. Schwartz has previously made statements about wrong investment decisions. David Schwartz admitted on Twitter last October that he acted early, selling 40,000 ETH at $ 1 each in 2012. The current value of 40,000 ETH is about $ 18.5 million, and in another tweets, Schwartz said that he sold quite a lot of Bitcoin for $ 750 and a lot of XRP for $ 0.10.


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