Altcoin Increasing by 60 Percent in 1 Day: What is RAMP?


While crypto analysts and commentators claim that the expected altcoin rally took place at the end, RAMP has also joined this trend with its rise. While the RAMP price increased by more than 60% in 1 day, it increased close to 80% in the last week. What is the RAMP that started its network life about 3 months ago and has increased its price by over 500% since then?

The RAMP, which managed to attract the attention of the altcoin investor with its performance, has increased by 60% in the last 24 hours and exceeded the $ 0.075 band. The RAMP investor, who broke his own record with $ 0.076 in the first week of December, started to wonder whether a new record will come.

Having a market value of about $ 10 million, RAMP entered a downtrend in December 2020 and fell on a stable chart from an all-time high. The RAMP price, which caught a steep rise with 2021, entered the record refreshment race with an increase of approximately 80% in the last 1 week. Daily trade volume for RAMP is 2.5 million dollars.

What is RAMP?

RAMP is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that aims to create a cross-chain liquidity bridge for its users. RAMP aims to ensure that cryptocurrencies that do not depend on the ERC20 base for its users are collateralized through the fixedcoin (stablecoin) called “rUSD” in the DeFi field.

Similarly, it aims for users in the Ethereum network to participate in staking activities via “eUSD”. With the RAMP, traders of rUSD and eUSD can freely trade rUSD / eUSD parity. Thus, an uninterrupted liquidity “ramp” is created for investors who lock their funds in pools.

The maximum supply for RAMP, the local crypto currency of the project, is set at 1 billion. The circulating supply for the RAMP coin at the time of writing exceeds 118 million. RAMP is currently listed by Uniswap, Hoo,, MXC.COM and Bibox platforms.


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