There is also a place for Ripple in the list prepared by CNBC


There is also a place for Ripple in the list prepared by CNBC. Ripple , one of the largest blockchain companies in the world , managed to enter the list prepared by CNBC.

CNBC released a list it prepared under the name Disruptor 50 yesterday . This list includes companies that affect the field in which they operate the most and grow fastest . In this list, it is possible to see companies from fintech, agriculture, logistics and many other sectors. The CNBC team comments on the Disruptor 50 list:

“This year’s Disruptor list includes companies that have brought unimaginable changes to the world and have developed billion-dollar projects in areas such as cyber security, education, healthcare, logistics, fintech, agriculture.”

There is also Ripple

In this list prepared by CNBC, we can see that Stripe took the first place . Emerging as a competitor to platforms like PayPal, Stripe has grown significantly, especially during the Coronavirus days.

Coupang is second on the list after Stripe. Coupang, a South Korean based company, made a big impact in the e-commerce industry in a short time. It is possible to see Indigo Agriculture in third place after Coupang in the list.

When we look at the following lines of the list, we also encounter a familiar name. Ripple, one of the largest companies in the blockchain world, ranks 28th on the list prepared by CNBC .

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse commented that the company was on this list and said he was “proud” of the Ripple team .


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