Already 10,000 Reddit Users Open Crypto Money Wallet


Reddit, one of the largest social media platforms in the world, announced in a recent announcement that it will launch 2 cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency projects, which are based on Reddit’s Ethereum network, have been put into use in the test network, even though they are not in the main ETH network yet.

Will Bricks and Moons Succeed?
The success of two cryptocurrencies named Bricks and Moons can be very critical for mainstream masses to adopt cryptocurrencies. It is surprising that Bricks, that is, the crypto money assigned to the fortniteBR channel of Reddit is more popular compared to the other. Despite this, Reddit users seem to have increased interest in both cryptocurrencies and more than 10,000 wallets have already been reached.

Looking at the responses to the tweet above, it is seen that more than 4,000 unique addresses have been opened for a single cryptocurrency within almost 24 hours. This is proof that Reddit, which has more than 450 million active monthly users, has really taken a successful step.


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