Alphabet Tests Robots For Mundane Tasks In Their Offices


Last Friday (19), technology conglomerate Alphabet revealed that 100 prototype robots developed by Technological Innovation Lab X will perform mundane functions in its offices, such as cleaning tables, sorting garbage and organizing chairs.

The news is part of the Everyday Robots project, “Daily Robots” in free translation, which aims to offer machines capable of solving repetitive everyday activities using machine learning techniques to understand environments and become more efficient. As you can see below, the little ones have a tube shape and a gripper attached to a flexible arm.

Currently, a robot is able to learn to perform a complex task in just one day with a 90% success rate. In addition, the team claims that it is able to take advantage of algorithms and lessons derived from a specific activity, such as opening doors and other jobs, such as arranging chairs in a canteen, for example. The equipment also practices a function virtually before working, reducing the time needed to learn in the real world.

At the moment, the “tubinhos” are working in the Mountain View offices in California, United States. “Today, many robots still operate in environments specially built and lit for them. The tasks are specific and configured to be performed at the right time. But this approach will not work in messy and complex spaces like our everyday lives,” added Hans Peter Brøndmo, head of robotics at X.