AlphaBay: Dark web store manager 11 years in prison


The case of one of the biggest stores on the dark web remains on trial, now with a new development in the process. American Bryan Connor Herrell, 26, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for being one of the moderators of the virtual platform known as AlphaBay.

Herrell lived in the US state of Colorado and helped make more than 20,000 sales on the site, in addition to taking care of the community to prevent scams and fraud in general. He was paid in bitcoin and used pseudonyms, like Penissmith and Botah. After his arrest, he pleaded guilty to participating in an influential, corrupt and extortion organization – a penalty that could go on for 20 years.

Herrell’s identity was discovered during the investigations that followed the arrest of AlphaBay chief officer, Alexandre Cazes. In 2017, when he was arrested in Thailand and the page went offline, a notebook containing unencrypted information led to the dismantling of the entire network behind the drug, weapons and criminal services store. At the age of 26, shortly after his arrest, Cazes was found dead in the cell in mysterious circumstances.


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