Aloy, Horizon Zero Dawn: from paris to iconic heroine


We review the profile of Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon Forbidden West who conquered us in 2017 with the latest great hit to date by Guerrilla Games.

Note: like all “lore hunters”, this report may contain spoilers about Horizon and its protagonist.

“I think it’s really difficult to design an iconic character. You can hope that it is, but it’s not like saying ‘ok, that’s it. Put a stamp on it. It is iconic now. ” Jan Bart Van Beek, Art Director for Guerrilla Games, knows this very well. Creating good video games and transcendent protagonists is not easy, and Horizon Zero Dawn is the best example of this. It is an exclusive PS4 title that took no more and no less than seven years to develop, of which a considerable part of time was dedicated to the conception and construction of Aloy. But every effort has its reward: a resounding success when it comes to both the video game and the character. In the absence of information that Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to the original game for PS5, can provide us in 2021, today we are trying to honor this heroine who surprised and captivated us with her story and her way of being.

From Killzone to Horizon Zero Dawn

Released in 2017 for PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn was a point and apart on the Guerrilla Games resume. For more than a decade, the study focused on the development of the Killzone saga, a remarkable series of linear games in the shooter genre that gave its creators great joy. However, as usually happens in these cases, creative exhaustion appeared in the studio in mid-2010, causing Hermen Hulst, former director of Guerrilla Games, and his team to come up with the idea of ​​embarking on a new project, something totally different from Killzone. Thus Horizon Zero Dawn was born.

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«The organization of our company is flat. For this reason, we see everyone as equal. Equality is a very important value in Dutch society, ”explains Angie Smets, executive producer of the game, in a documentary created by Noclip. Furthermore, it was important that everyone was passionate about the new project, because, in the words of Guerrilla Games, it would be what they would work on for the next five or ten years. For all these reasons, the company asked each and every one of its workers to make their own proposals on the following that they would like to develop. After going through a rather laborious process of selecting ideas, in which they had to review more than forty during a large number of weeks, the study opted for the idea of ​​Jan Bart Van Beek, who already included both Aloy and his universe.

That Horizon Zero Dawn was an open world RPG action game was also in the mind of the developer from the Netherlands and is something that, as we well know, did not change. However, many other ideas of the game were discarded during its development: cooperative mode with another player, the existence of a trunk city, predominance of industrial military machines … Of course, Aloy also went through a similar creation process in which, as We will see below, some of the decisions made about the game influenced. But first, let’s start at the beginning.


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