Alola Ninetales in Pokémon Unite, Better Builds; Attacks


Pokémon Unite: We bring you all the information to sweep the games of Pokémon Unite with Ninetales from Alola, the pokémon ice fairy that controls the field If your thing is to attack from a distance and control the battlefield, Alola Ninetales may be your ideal main in Pokémon Unite. It is a character that has two very different builds and therefore, and as part of our complete guide, we bring you everything you need to know to master the pokémon perfectly.

Move set by Ninetales

The movements we choose for our Ninetales will determine how we should play it throughout the game and the impact we have on it. In the first bars we can choose between Powder Snow and Icy Wind. Both attacks are good to start with, the choice will depend on our personal preferences. Now yes, the two possible Ninetales builds are the following:

If you opt for the ice movement set you will have a lot of damage and control of the battlefield thanks to its walls. On the other hand, the fairy-type set gives you control of the map thanks to Aurora Veil but also makes you depend on the coordination you have with your team for the skills to be useful.


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