Alola Marowak in Pokémon GO: how to beat him in raids


Only this October 31 can we meet the popular Pokémon in its regional form in raids; included in shiny. Best opponents.

This October 31 is Halloween, but also the day chosen for Marowak from Alola to be the main protagonist of Pokémon GO. The beloved Pokémon, which received in the seventh generation an Alola form – one of the most popular for its design and combination of types – and a prominent role in a certain part of Pokémon Sun and Moon, will be seen in the raids of the iOS game and Android for a limited time.

Alola Marowak in Pokémon GO – Date and details

Alola Marowak, a Fire and Ghost type, is also an interesting and powerful creature in Pokémon GO. We will see him only this October 31, Saturday, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM (local time), so we have a total of six hours ahead of us to lash out with our friends – at least three people are recommended 40—, although we recommend taking into account the mobility restriction and social distancing measures decreed in your region. Remote Raid Passes are still available.

We are talking about a creature with 13,525 CP in the raid confrontation, nothing complex with three or four people; in less than a minute if we are more. Its statistics leave us with a very versatile Pokémon, with 144 ATK, 186 DEF and 155 resistance. At level 40, in the individual confrontation we will see it with 1835 CP if it is Full IVs, so in case you are looking for an Alola Marowak (it can come out shiny / variochlor) with perfect genetics, that is the number you must remember to identify it.

As for movements, the normal thing is that it hits us with Rock Strike, Misfortune or Fire Twist in fast attacks; while in the loaded ones it depends on luck. Stick Bone and Fire Wheel are his worst weapons, but it is possible that he will send us with Shadow Bone, Shadow Ball and, above all, Flare. Without further ado, let’s get to know the best opponents to beat him in raids this Saturday.


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