‘Alm’s ‘: Prosecutors complain about iPhone SE


Launched by Apple in Brazil in 2020 with prices starting at R $ 3,699, the iPhone SE has recently caused revolt in some public prosecutors. In conversations obtained by the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper, members of the Public Ministry complained about the Apple cell phone and considered the device an “alms.”

The Attorney General’s Office signed a contract with Claro for the distribution of cell phones to around 1,200 attorneys and 650 servers, who will also be entitled to a computer and a tablet to carry out their services. In messages sent to the communication secretary of the PGR, Darlan Ailton Dias, some of the recipients were not happy with the choice of the iPhone SE and expected more expensive and recent devices.

“Do you really think that after more than three years with an iPhone 7, already outdated, slow processor, bad battery, small screen, we will accept another iPhone SE for another 30 months”, says Marco Tulio Lustosa Caminha, attorney from PiauĂ­ who supposedly obtained a total remuneration of R $ 102 thousand during the month of January. “This is an insult !! I don’t want a handout! I don’t think anyone here wants a handout,” adds the civil servant.

Caminha was not the only one to complain when receiving an iPhone SE. Ana Paula Ribeiro Rodrigues, Rio de Janeiro’s attorney, also showed dissatisfaction with the choice of Apple’s smartphone. “Hoping that there is a mistake,” said the civil servant, in one of the leaked messages.

“Does not meet needs”

Disgruntled prosecutors base their complaints on the technical part of the iPhone SE, which is a compact model and features hardware similar to the iPhone 11. According to the discussions leaked by Folha de S. Paulo, the cell phone is a model that “does not meet the needs” of public servants and is outdated for not having technologies like 5G, not yet available in Brazil.

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In a note, the Attorney General’s Office said that the contract with Claro will be maintained, and the iPhone SE should be distributed to the servers. According to the agency, the intermediary cell phone has a safer operating system, it is the same brand as devices previously distributed, which facilitates migration, and it also has integrations with the iPad, also provided to prosecutors.


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