Almost smelly during the game: Stefan Durr cries in the country


Stephen Durr (48) had to grit his teeth! The actor and his wife Katarina are among the couples taking on the daring challenges at this year’s Summer House of the Stars Season. The candidates had to complete a number of tasks at a dizzying height. But now Stephen has started a cottage in difficult conditions. He hadn’t defecated completely before, so he was afraid to poop!

“I haven’t even had time to poop yet. I need to go straight to the toilet or into the bushes,” Stephen feared before the game. When the former actor Unter-Uns was put on in a swimsuit to participate in a competition in which he had to ride a bike on the highway, the 48-year-old guy was no longer stopped. “I’m so scared I can’t hold back anymore,” he cried while Katarina tried to comfort him.

But the Durrs could not give up! Despite Stephen’s urgent need, he and Katarina mastered the track brilliantly and even reached the finish line. Back at the summer house, the former Celebrity Big Brother candidate was still visibly upset. Stephen started crying again. “Most of all I was afraid that I would shit on this rubber part,” Stephen said, relieved to keep control of his digestion.


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