Allister Pete Davidson Allegedly After His Breakup with Kim Kardashian


It’s important to have a good support system around you when you’re going through something like a relationship breakup, and it looks like Pete Davidson is providing that for a few weeks after breaking up with Kim Kardashian. After reports that the former “Saturday Night Live” actor is dating a trauma surgeon because of public attacks and the negativity he experienced from Kanye West during his nine-month relationship with the reality TV star, it seems that Davidson is also turning to his A-list masters! co-star Orlando Bloom for his support.

Pete Davidson recently temporarily moved to Australia to shoot a comedy directed by David Michaud, and Kim Kardashian visited him on what was considered a sexy Down-Under vacation. However, serious conversations eventually led to the couple breaking up, and although he allegedly tried to “keep everything on a professional level” by avoiding talking about it on set, a Hollywood Life source reports that his colleagues were worried about him, host Orlando Bloom. ask for advice. The source said:

One of the first people who approached Pete about this was Orlando, when they worked together in Australia. Orlando and Pete had become very close over the past few weeks, so Pete felt comfortable opening up to him.

Apparently, the comedian has befriended the actor from the Pirates of the Caribbean list enough to feel comfortable talking to him about his breakup with the SKIMS founder and her famous family. The source said Orlando Bloom was drawing on his own experience, and that Pete Davidson was grateful for the understanding. The source continued:

Orlando explained how he was in the same situation and tried not to take the situation too hard. He said that everything that should be will be, and for now focus on doing it. After returning home, if he wants, he can try to restore their relationship. Until then, Orlando explained that he just needed to give Kim some time and reconnect when the time came. Pete is so grateful that Orlando came forward and showed his support. It was the whole world to him.

Giving a place to your ex—girlfriend is good advice, but distance could be one of the biggest issues between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. They had already had a long-distance relationship before his travels around the world, and this, along with being in different places in their lives, was reportedly a major factor in Kim and Pete’s decision to break up. (It’s definitely not due to a lack of chemistry!)

The couple seemed to be getting more serious ever since they first met during her guest appearance on Saturday Night Live last October. Pete Davidson talked about his dream of having children, and he was even seen with Kimye’s son, Saint. However, sources claimed that the Meet Cute actor and Kim Kardashian weren’t ready to take the next step yet. Instead, they were said to spend their time trying to establish a relationship.

Pete Davidson has a lot of upcoming projects since he left SNL, so hopefully his work will help keep his mind occupied while he’s going through this breakup, and it’s nice to know that there are supportive people around him. We will still be able to see him and Kim Kardashian in happier times when the premiere of the second season of “Kardashian” takes place for Hulu subscribers on Thursday, September 22. Check out our TV program for 2022 to find out what other premieres are expected in the near future.


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