Allison Mack of Smallville Apologizes To Sexual Cult Victims


Allison Mack: Known for playing Chloe in the series Smallville, actress Allison Mack came to media attention after it was revealed that she was part of a cult known for enslaving women. According to The Hollywood Reporter, one of her main roles was to attract women to cult leader Nxvim. In a letter also released by the portal, she apologized to the women who were hurt by her actions.

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The actress was arrested in 2018, pleading guilty to participating in the sect. Upon paying bail, she was sentenced to house arrest and will be tried for her crimes this Wednesday (30).

In the letter, Mack regrets having attended the service. “It’s very important for me to say that I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. I threw myself into the teachings of Keith Raniere (sect leader) and believed his lessons were helping me to be a more enlightened version of myself. I dedicated my loyalty and my life to him. This is my biggest mistake and regret”, wrote the actress.

In 2020, Raniere was tried and sentenced to 120 years in prison, found guilty of trafficking and sexual abuse, possession of child pornography and organized crime. To avoid the same fate, Mack’s lawyers point out that the actress has changed since leaving the cult and, since then, she has chosen to cooperate with justice and deliver crucial evidence for the criminal’s conviction.

The organization’s most macabre rituals included enslaving women, branding their pelvic regions with the initials “KR” by Keith Raniere, or AM by Allison Mack, and having them subjugated to their leader.

“I apologize to the women I brought to Nxivm. I’m sorry for exposing all of you to the horrific and abusive schemes of a disturbed man and for encouraging you to participate in something that, in the end, was so ugly,” added the Smallville actress, in a note.

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