Allegedly Cheated Content on YouTube Gaming


YouTube Gaming, launched by YouTube in 2015, is still being followed by players. However, new data released by WIRED shows that YouTube Gaming is not a completely reliable platform.

Discussions about YouTube Gaming, the platform that YouTube has set up for gamers, started serious discussions. WIRED claimed that the most watched game videos on YouTube Gaming are fraudulent and fraudulent. WIRED also stated that the most watched YouTube Gaming content last week was full of advertising traps.

WIRED shows, for example, recently published content on GTA 5. Content that promises to earn as much money as possible by defeating Rockstar servers in some way, redirects people to a special website. It is claimed that players can access this website and upload unlimited money to GTA 5. But the website wants players to redirect to two different sites and enter their personal information.

In the chat section of this content on YouTube Gaming, the players said that even though they did what they wanted, the money was not loaded into the game. This content, which is among the most watched on YouTube Gaming, has been on air for 21 hours last weekend.

Security company ZeroFox executive Zack Allen has announced that the publishing account, Queen PSH, has been actively implementing similar methods since October 2016. After reviewing the website directed by Queen PSH, Zack Allen uncovered the link of 18 more sites with fraud and pornography to the directed website.

YouTube has closed several fraud accounts since January. However, some still remain on YouTube Gaming. While the posts made by fraud accounts continue to appear on YouTube Gaming, some of their posts appear to be watched by tens of thousands. Not all of these views are made up of real people. Scammers direct fake traffic to the posts to make them more visible.


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