Alleged grooming victim Ezra Miller Denies Allegations of mistreatment of the Flash star


Over the past few months, “Flash” star Ezra Miller has faced a serious backlash as they have been accused of very serious allegations. Now says Tokata Iron Eyes, the man at the center of these accusations.

The charges brought against the star were that they had been courting an 18-year-old girl, called Tokata Iron Eyes, since they met when she was 12 years old in North Dakota. The girl’s parents also claimed that Miller verbally abused her and left bruises on several parts of her body, such as her arms and cheeks. They also claimed that the “Flash” star restricted Tokata’s access to her phone and gave her drugs. Her parents filed a protective court order in June to keep Miller away from their daughter.

Despite her parents’ accusations, Tokata speaks out and says that Miller’s claims about self-care are false. In a text message to Insider, she called the allegations a “disgusting and irresponsible smear campaign” against the “Flash” star and said that although Miller is accused of these very serious allegations, Miller “did the right thing and defended others in many cases.” In December 2021, Tokata and Miller visited a family friend in South Dakota., where someone from the household said that the star of “Flash” and Tokata had sex on a bed outside the house. Tokata told Insider that it was “very fake.”

Tokata also responded to the claims of drugs and bruises made by her parents, saying that she had taken a small dose of LSD and that her bruises were the result of self-mutilation after the death of a close friend. She also added that some of her bruises could be related to the fact that her parents “forcibly dragged” her out of Miller’s house. Her parents deny that they “dragged” her out of the house.

The situation is very serious and delicate, considering that we are talking about a young woman who was allegedly courted from a young age. Although she claims that all of her parents’ accusations regarding her safety are false, there is a possibility that she is standing up for Miller only as a result of the grooming tactics that the Flash star has allegedly used against her over the past six years. years.

It is difficult to determine what is and what is not a specific truth, however, the Flash star has been associated with dangerous and erratic behavior in the past. So it’s quite possible that something deeper is going on in Miller’s unusual relationship with Tokat’s Iron Eyes.

“Flash” will be released in theaters on June 23, 2023.


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