Alleged Child Trafficking in E-Commerce Site Wayfair


Alleged Child Trafficking in E-Commerce Site Wayfair. Products With The Same Name As The Children Lost In The U.S. Are On The Internet: Details Of The Blood Freezing Claim.

The sale of products with the same name as the children lost in the USA at Wayfair for tens of thousands of dollars has become the agenda of social media. Following the booming scandal incident, it was alleged that child trafficking was carried out through the world-famous e-commerce site.

Wayfair , an American-based e-commerce site that has been selling furniture and household items since 2002, has become the center of attention of the world as it sells products of the same name as the children lost in the USA. According to the claims shaking social media around the world, children are traded on the e-commerce site . Moreover, these claims are based on very solid evidence.

The Wayfair scandal first broke out after a Twitter user posted it. In the shared video, it is mentioned that the names of children lost in luxury cabinets, drawers, pillows and other products sold through Wayfair are given and the value of these products is sold at prices over tens of times .

In Wayfair, tens of thousands of dollars are charged for products listed with the names of missing children:

To illustrate, the above image shows a simple two-door cabinet sold at Wayfair. This cabinet, which can be bought for $ 300 on other sites but listed under Wayfair for $ 10,999.99 and named Anabel 5 , is thought to be related to 14-year-old Anabel Wilson , who has been missing in the US since May 13 .

Similarly, in the other image above, the same cabinet is listed this time under the name Samiyah 5 for $ 12,899.99 . The name of this closet is allegedly related to another 17-year-old boy named Samiyah Mumin , who disappeared in Ohio .

The products listed by Wayfair with the names of missing children are not limited to this. There are many products on the site that are sold with the names of missing children and demanded tens of thousands of dollars . Another one of these products is a pillow listed for $ 10,046.99 . The demand for such a fee for only one pillow or a simple closet strengthens the claims circulating on social media.

Product names are suspected to be in-network encryption tactics:

The scandalous incident that erupted in the USA the other day, made a huge impact worldwide . Requesting tens of thousands of dollars for a simple pillow or a locker listed for $ 300 on another site, moreover , listing each of these products with missing child names suggests that product names may be an in-network encryption tactic .

After the scandalous incident broke out, thousands of people began to decrypt and share the suspicious ads on Wayfair on social media. As an example, as you can see in the image above, when you search the product code of 2 wall tables listed in Wayfair for $ 99 thousand and have no features, Yandex shows photos of a little girl.

A statement came from Wayfair about the subject:

In a last-minute statement after the incident broke out, Wayfair officials said the products in question were industrial products listed at reasonable prices , but there was a problem with the system and the products would be deleted .

The strange part of this is that the system automatically starts to write tens of thousands of dollars as soon as the names and surnames of the children who have entered the name and entered the name section are written . A Twitter user says this is Wayfair’s coding algorithm and the system is written this way.

Many products listed in Wayfair with names of missing children like Neriah, Yaritza, Alyvia and Samiyah are currently unavailable . We will continue to inform you if there is a new development in the coming days about the scandalous claims that are still on the social media.


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