All weapons of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


We explain how to get hold of all the weapons in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, how to improve them and what function each one fulfills so that you complete it 100%.

The vast world that Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers us is plagued by an almost as extensive number of enemies. That is why it is essential that we have the tools (or rather, the weapons) to defend ourselves. In this section of our complete guide we are going to detail all the types of weapons, where to get them and how to improve them. So if you’re interested in getting Torr’s hammer or any other Ubisoft title weapon, read on!

Raider Ax

Effect: Increases the damage of the heavy hit for each light hit up to a maximum of six times.
How to improve:

Raven Clan Shield

Effect: Block temporarily increases light damage.
Location: In Rygajfylke after freeing your clan in the longhouse
How to improve:

Varin’s Ax

Effect: Increase attack speed with each hit
Location: In Rygajfylke after freeing your clan in the longhouse
How to upgrade: Increase your attack speed further with each hit and add a slot for an upgrade rune. It costs a copper ingot.

War hammer

Effect: Increases heavy damage after a heavy final attack up to a maximum of five times.
Location: In Rygajfylke, specifically in the Marauder field.
How to improve:

“Yngling Seax”

Effect: Increases melee damage after a dodge.
Location: In Eikundarsund, situated in the Rygajfylke region.
How to improve:

Iron star

Effect: Increases attack after a heavy finishing attack.
Location: In the Kjotve fortress in Rygajfylke.
How to improve:

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Hrafn Guard

Effect: Increases speed when you block a maximum of five times.
Location: In Ledecestrescire, northeast of Venonis.
How to improve:


Effect: Increases the stun after a heavy hit by a maximum of ten times.
Location: Ikke in Oy (Rygajfylke)
How to improve:

Spear of Fyrd

Effect: Increases speed when dodging.
Location: Offchurch (Ledecestrescire).
How to improve:


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