All weapons and how to get them in Ghost of Tsushima


We detail how to unlock all weapons (katanas, bows, throwing weapons) for Jin Sakai in Ghost of Tsushima, now available on PlayStation 4.

In Ghost of Tsushima, Jin has a wide arsenal with which to deal with the Mongol invasion that puts pressure on all the inhabitants of Tsushima constantly. Starting with the melee weapons, Katanas and so many and continuing with the bows with special arrows of fire and explosives in addition to the throwing weapons of Ghost, we will be able to play in the way we want thanks to all of this. We explain how to get all the weapons as part of our complete guide to the game.

All weapons and how to get them
Katana and Tanto Sakai

“The leader of the Sakai clan has wielded this matchless sword for generations.” This is the main weapon of Jin that we get automatically in the Prologue. As for the Tanto Sakai, it is a short sheet intended for the murders we obtain during the course of the main mission, so there is no loss. We can upgrade it in blacksmiths to deal more damage, among other bonuses that make it an infallible weapon in stealth. We can customize both weapons through various skins that we will find when exploring the island of Tsushima or when carrying out certain missions and Stories. These are some examples:

Celestial Falcon: We obtained it by completing the mythical story “The Celestial Strike”.
Mamushi’s Poisonous: “Your swords slash through poisonous precision.” We got it by collecting offerings at the Golden Temple.
Sea Dragon Wing: “Summons the virulent courage of a dragon.” We also get it in an offering chest.

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Bows: short and long

We obtained the short bow by completing the first mission of the Ishikawa Tales, who gave it to us automatically. We can shoot normal or fire arrows if we continue advancing in its quest line and it gives us this improvement, in addition to being able to include even more improvements to the bow itself in a bow artisan.

In the case of the longbow, we can achieve this by completing the mythical account of the Curse of Uchitsune. It is especially interesting since we can launch explosive arrows from the first moment we manage to get hold of this devastating long-range bow.

Throwing Ghost Weapons

Finally, we have a series of thrown weapons from the Ghost branch that serve both to carry out a stealthy confrontation and a direct and explosive one when launching bombs. We will be able to unlock them as we grow our legend, something that happens if we carry out main and secondary missions, save hostages, explore Tsushima and discover all its secrets, etc.

Kunai – A small blade that can be quickly thrown at nearby enemies to unbalance them.
Gunpowder Bomb: A throwing explosive that, when exploded, inflicts damage on enemies hit and unbalances them.
Smoke Bomb: Unleash a dense cloud of smoke at your feet so enemies are out of your sight.
Sticky Bomb: Launch a tar impregnated bomb that will stick to your enemy and can damage those around him.
Wind Chime – Launch a small bell that draws the enemy’s attention. This or is a true weapon, since it does not hurt our adversaries, but an infiltration and misleading tool to end them off with the katana or so much.


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